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For the final artefact it required the use of the well known photoshop, eventho I am personally not the most confindent I had no major problems when i was working on the pictures. Having had an idea use tools in order to write about my stastical data for my main images, i checked out wordle, but it was not an idea that i followed throug because i did not think it would give me the effect that i was looking for.

Dreamweaver was something I really struggled with despite the fact that i made full use of the available online tutorials.

I personally thought it was a complicated process for me to do basic stuff like changing font of the written text, changing position of images, and not to forget the killer creating divtags!!Moving forward involved the use of flash software to create my slide show and then import it to my website in Dreamweaver. This was something i had never done before and it was confusing which put my patience to a test. I have a basic understanding of flash because I used so I found it rather difficult to up load my images in order to create the basic slide show  for my page. I wasn’t sure how to add buttons so I flowed the useful steps to add the buttons that where required in order to be able to click on them to see the next image.

Another thing that really made me wonder how people deal with it is dreamweaver. It was hard for me to grasp because i didnot understand what some things wwere used for which made it very difficult for me to feel confortable enough about the tools that i was using when working on my work, which i wanted to turn out perfectly, according to the brief. However i did learn how to post website links on to my web page. online i found a really intresting fact becuase i always leave my internet on i was shocked to find out that the internet does not generate that much electricity.

Looking back on the project and the journey through, i think that taking exttra time to practice with software and get farmiliar with it is something that i need to do in order for my work to be even better standard next year. 


After creating the first artefact, it was now time to experiment further with more software, in the attempt to create artefact two. I was required to create a simple website by developing a single  using CSS and styled DIV tags including: A header, with the option of a picture, depending on personal preference.

Also, to be included was a simple menu, content area, and a footer. An index was essentail as this is where my details were included, as well as an abstract describing my Data Visualisation.The amount of pages on my website werte determined by the number of images that i had created about personal statistics in the previous task.

MY REFLECTION  from the leactures and workshops is that  the information and the practical tasks that i carried out encouraged me to have an understanding of the XHTL and CSS syntax.

At the start of this module i was not sure what to ecxpect, but i made sure that i started it with an open mind. I knew i was going to come across different types of media being combined together, but i was not aware that  it was going to be tough to grasp.  I learnt that the work we were doing required good knowledge and understanding of photoshop, a programme that i was not so confident with before last year.Inspirational talks from individuals such as Chris Jordan helped to generate ideas of my own,  as i was understanding the different kinds of software that were available for me to give trials.

Personal experience also enabled me to have good progress  in the creating of my Visual artefact because the images and the information included in my work was 100 percent accurate facts about my own unconcious behaviour through growing up, up until now. These include spending and luxuries, as well as meeting my own essential needs.I wanted to represent my personality from a different perspective, but at the same time i had to ensure that my work contains originality.

My inspiration was driven from a talk by the famous Chris Jordan who spoke about his work, in a talk where he stated that  his work based on behavioours we all engage in unconsciously, on a collective level.  From hearing this statement, i was thrown into thought about how strong the statement was and how i can relate to it.  He represented enormous statistics into a visual language that was influential and had impact. A shocking statistic from his work s is when he said that 4 milion paper cups are used on airlines every six hours but interestingly enough, we use 40 million paers cups for hot beverages everyday.

However,  up until this day, what shocks me is the fact that none of the millions of plastic cups used are recycled because that industry does not engage in that activity. When i think about those statistics, i get amaized at how collective uncounscious behaviour from human beings affects the environment. I profiled my own uncouncious actions and behaviours and the resourses that maybe involved, as well as things that i use on a daily basis, but putting in mind that it makes an impact on the audience that will look at my work. The link that can allow you to look at my images on flicker is

Visit the site for more images that i created

I chose to present my images in a style of different ways by showing a variety of data shown in different ways. However, the  statictics that i put in my work were all based around me, and my life, where some images are related in some way or another. I wanted my images to be informative because some of the visuals worked strongly in their own  creation.

Below is one of the images from my first aretefact which is also my favourite. Its based on a personal statistic about my water consumtion in terms of drinking. I based it on the amont of water i drink a day multilied by days in a week then the months in a year. By the end of the calculation i was thinking to myself that wow.. because it was a suprising total. P-s. Image was resized in order to fit on this page.

water bottles FINAL by you.

Hans Rosling did an influential lecture available for watching on and it was on debuking third world myths. He used his knowledge from being a global health proffessor and statistics to show the trend in the mortality rate and the differences of various nations in different continents.The countries were paired in the way that one country had twice the mortality rate as the other country. This way, individuals had to do some serioous thinking before coming to the conclusion of what country they think has the higher mortality rate.

I came to the realisation that it is not good to use pre concieved ideas about the world and it’s events because that means that i can make wrong estimates about which country i think had the highest mortality out of each pair. However, it is useful to have knowledge on statistics about issues such as child mortality rates and poverty, before making our own conclusions.

According to Henry Jenkins, convergence means the flow of content across different media platforms. It is also the coorperation between multiple media industries.

He also believes that convergence is a word that manages to describe technological, industrial, cultural, and social changes depending on whose speaking and what they think are talking about. The circulation of media content across different media systems depends heavily on consumers’ active participation.

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